Starfox 2

Star Fox was one of the first 3D flying games, released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or the SNES. It was great fun, and was succeeded by Star Fox 64 (or Lylat Wars in Europe). However, there was a second SNES game which was developed, finished and never released. Thanks to a collection of people, most of whom I will never know, the second SNES game is available on the Internet, and I happen to have the relevant file. It took me over a year to lay hands on this file, so I am sharing it with my readers through this website – please note that I am making this available purely so that other people can play it, and if anyone from Nintendo should ask, I will remove it immediately. So, download the required emulator (it only works on this one, so even if you have one already, go and download it), grab patches to translate and debug the game (one just translates and debugs, another ‘cleans’ it to make it feel more finished) and then download the actual file. Enjoy!