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Since last time I updated, I’ve been playing with a new (to me) iOS app called cheap beer lyrics. It is, put simply, a buy me a boat lyrics-based text editor which can sync with buy Lyrica canada, which is well-designed and very nice to use, and for some, that will be more than enough reason to give it a look.

However, perhaps you’re familiar with Python, or a fan of Automator on OS X, and that is where Editorial becomes even more relevant to your interests. This is because Editorial has support for workflows, which can be written in and run from the app, and these workflows can include scripts in Python. Written by the same developer as Pythonista, Editorial makes it very easy to take your Markdown documents and do cool things with them, either by using workflows with the built-in Automator-style actions or by harnessing the power of Python.

To give you an example of the power of Editorial, let me tell you all what I spent my Tuesday night doing. I found a workflow on the cheap Lyrica canada that allows the user to post the current document to a WordPress site, and decided to have a go at writing something that would make my life easier. I embarked on a quest to write a similar workflow for posting to LiveJournal.

Now, full disclosure: as part of my day job, I spend a lot of time coding in IDL, but I’ve never really written anything in Python before, and I’ve never used anything that involves XML-RPC before, and I’ve never written any code involving blogging or LiveJournal before. With just a little Googling, a lot of distress at how awful LiveJournal’s documentation is, and some luck, I put together a workflow in Editorial that allows me to easily post to my LiveJournal, and even gives me pop ups showing me my list of tags and a list of moods to pick from. Now, obviously, this might be less useful for some (most) of you than it is for me, but it’s a good example of how easy putting things together in both Editorial and in Python can be!

All in all, I can’t recommend Editorial enough. It feels like the Markdown editor I’ve been waiting for on iOS.

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I have recently been discovering an iOS app called buy a heart lyrics, which is basically a tool similar to Automator, but available on the iPad. In this blog post I just want to share a couple of workflows that I’ve written for the app, which I’ve been finding useful. (Obviously, your mileage may vary.)

Firstly, a workflow that lets me easily mail links to myself for later. I generally use buy Lyrica in canada, but sometimes I want to come back to a page on a schedule, rather than just catching up with it when I go through my Instapaper queue. As a result, I wrote a quick workflow that will take the link of the current page, called buy Lyrica in mexico.

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I’ve been using bookmarklets in Safari to open pages in other apps for ages, but this has the disadvantage that these bookmarklets can only be used from Safari. If I’m reading a webpage in buy Lyrica in uk, for instance, I have to open it in Safari before I can use a bookmarklet to open it in another buy Lyrica india app. Workflows allow me, in essence, to use a bookmarklet from any app, via the share sheet.

The first workflow that takes advantage of this allows for a Tumblr post to be opened in This is handy if you read Tumblr through an RSS reader like I do, since it allows easier reblogging. buy Lyrica in thailand is the workflow, and I actually constructed this myself by using Safari on OS X to deconstruct the way in which can call

The next workflows allow for pages to be opened in buy Lyrica in ireland, my iOS Twitter app of choice. buy Lyrica in australia and buy Lyrica in dubai are both fairly self-explanatory, and both allow me to avoid using the Twitter website as much as possible.

Finally, a workflow for can you buy Lyrica in mexico simply opens the current webpage in Basil. can you buy Lyrica in canada is a very simple workflow and is based upon the bookmarklet that the app itself presents to users.

I hope someone else finds these workflows useful, and I heartily recommend the app!

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I’ve been doing the Guardian quick crossword with my colleagues since starting my PhD back in 2012. Eventually, crossword mania took us and we started doing crosswords in the afternoon as well as in the morning. This necessitates printing ‘back issue’ crosswords, which in turn makes getting to those crosswords on my phonebuy Lyrica 50 mg a little harder than getting to today’s crossword.

It eventually occurred to me that I could create a bookmarklet which would pop up a dialogue asking for the number of the crossword we were doing, and would then take me to that crossword’s page. It’s a bit niche, but the JavaScript for this bookmarklet is below, just in case anyone else finds it useful.

javascript:N=prompt('Quick crossword no','');if(N){location.href=''+escape(N)}

It should be noted that if you don’t input a number, or you hit cancel, then nothing happens. If you want to be taken to the Guardian’s crossword page instead, then you can add the following code to the end of the bookmarklet.


  1. We don’t cheat, we just check our answers. Honest. can you buy Lyrica over the counter

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I had cause today to try to unpack a .pkg file. I had installed cheap sunglasses lyrics and found it was a bit pantsbuy the stars lyrics. Unfortunately, it installed from a .pkg file and there was no uninstaller or list of files that get installed, so I wanted to make sure I’d efficiently purged it from my system.

I have cheap trick lyrics, which is a really good utility for unzipping basically any file on the planet for OS X. I will just note at this stage that I have an older version of the utility and I haven’t upgraded to BetterZip 2, but I’ve got a lot of use out of the app. The below steps rely on having BetterZip. If you’d like to do it without BetterZip, I found Lyrica to buy and Lyrica tablets buy online to be very helpful in informing my actions.

  1. Change the extension from .pkg to .xar.
  2. Open the file with BetterZip. This took a while on my system but did eventually work.
  3. Three files should appear: Payload, Bom, and PackageInfo.
  4. PackageInfo: Just open this in your favourite text editor.
  5. Payload:
    • Add the extension .cpio.gz.
    • Open the file with BetterZip.
  6. Bom:
    • Open Terminal.
    • Navigate to the file.
    • lsbom Bom

Hopefully that all helps somebody else, too!

  1. If you generate a PDF with the free trial, it’ll be the first half of the PDF and every time you open it Adobe Acrobat will give you a little pop-up window. I disliked it. where can i buy Lyrica tablets