How to set up a convention Discord server

This gallery aims to explain how to set up a new Discord server for a fannish group or convention. To get started, click the first screenshot (top-left) and then use the links to move through the gallery.

In terms of roles you might want to have, I strongly recommend Committee and Staff. (I’ll make a guide to how I use YAGPDB to handle roles at a future date, and I’ll get onto other roles like pronouns, or a role after someone’s accepted the code of conduct, then.)

In terms of structuring your channels and categories, different things will work for different conventions. For [Punctuation]( we had a Committee category with various themed discussion channels and an actions channel to keep track of what people had agreed to do, and then a Staff category which had channels for staff to work and interact with one another. Then we had a Registration Desk category to hold the code of conduct, the help desk, volunteer registration and the other sorts of functions you’d find near the registration desk or in your membership pack at a physical convention. Then we had a Treasure Hunt category for our server-wide treasure hunt, The Bar (for socialising), Fan Tables for conventions to plug their events, Exhibits for the dealers’ room, art show etc., and Programme for discussing programme items. We found most of that worked very well, but you may want to focus on things differently to us!

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